Welcome to Friends Abroad

         Friends Abroad, LTD  Organization Chart   
1.Human Resource Skill Development    
2.Job Creation  4 Language Teaching                        
3.International Exchange 5. Tourism Promotion
Study Abroad   HS Frield Trips   Teaching English   Tourism   Education  
1. H.S Study Abroad 1. Culture Teaching 1. English Teaching at
   American Homes
    1. Supporting Youth     1. Aquisition of HS Diploma
2. Homestay Programs 2. Entertainment    2. Interpretation, Translations   2. Over assisting     2. B.A degree    
3. English Intensive Class 3. American Culture at Home 3. ALT Dispatch      3. American School Bus     3. C&C Academy  
4. Working Holiday       4. Assimilation Program     4. Air B&B          
5. Internship          5. Penpal Program     5. Karate Students Homestay
 at Japanese House
6. Baseball Program       6. Homestay in Okinawa                
                  6. Intercultural Center          
7. Youth Karate       7. Family away from home                
                  7. Homestay in Itoman          
8. Youth Skill Development                      

An Introduction to Friends Abroad, LTD

Friends Abroad has played a major role sending many youth to study abroad each year, promoting international exchange. However, since only few employment is available on military base in Okinawa, it is unfortunate that many youth cannot fulfill their wish work in Okinawa using their experience and language skill that they polished through the study abroad.


As a result, more than half of youth from Okinawa work in companies in Tokyo, where there are abundant opportunity to use their skills. I have created Friends Abroad in 1979. While I wish to draw youth who has a potential to contribute to the development of Okinawa, I also want to be a catalyst for expanding potentials and capabilities of Okinawa youth.


I strongly believe that this small island of Okinawa, based on it’s geographical location, created rich historical and capable people who can further develop the type of work that requires language ability and experience of study abroad to blossom. Over the decades, I have been working on various projects and activities with Friends Abroad in Okinawa. The goal of these activities are not only to create jobs using foreign language and international exchange, but at the same time, contribute to local communities through teaching English.